About five months ago, Huffington Post writer Mike Ryan made a joke about an imaginary plot point in Argo, in which Ben Affleck turned out to be a ghost. This week, a Twitter user threw a fit aimed at Ryan for spoiling Argo. This Twitter user actually believed that Argo had a twist in which Ben Affleck turned out to be dead the whole time. His rant included the sentences, "You just ruined that movie for me. I can't begin to explain how pissed I am right now. You just don't do that in the middle of an article about a COMPLETELY different movie!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?"

Sure, and this story is played for laughs, but let's get serious for a moment: Discovering that a movie was spoiled for you should never be cause for you to become so "pissed" that you can't even articulate the depth of your anger. Adults should not throw temper tantrums, and throwing a very public tantrum because something as small as a movie was "ruined" for you—never mind that the movie still exists, and can still be watched and enjoyed, even if you already know the end—is a very good reason to be ashamed of yourself. If you're pitching fits like this, if you lose control of yourself because of the actions of others, that's not just a character flaw. That should be taken as a sign that you need to change something significant about yourself.

(Hat tip to Slog tipper Clinton.)