Bamboo Billboards



Of course, if they had waited enough years, nature would have done to the billboard what it did to Grossinger's in New York:

If you’re the kind of person that’s inclined to spend their vacation somewhere dark, dusty, and dangerous, the motto still rings true today, and you’re not coming for the five-star kosher kitchen. For just as quickly as the resort prospered into a world-class institution, it’s descended into a swift decay. Explorers frequent the grounds, armed with cameras in an attempt to capture the beauty in its devastation, sifting through the artifacts—a broken lounge chair, old reservation records—piecing together a lost age of tourism.…
Every single person in that video seemed like a parody of the negative LA stereotype, and the writing seemed like a parody of bad lefty-talk, and the science is bad, and the idea itself is absurd, so... This whole thing is a joke, right? I have to assume it is, and sort of a mean spirited joke at that. I could see this turning out to be a piece of right-wing performance art.
@2, and they want money from us.
Down with #2 - seems like a put on.
@2 @3 @4, I know the Internet is hard, but do you guys even understand the 'concept' of links?
@5 ... and the performance piece is now complete, having reached their goal, hehe.
Bamboo - especially giant timber bamboo, which this looks to be - is not an epiphyte, so it's going to need fairly intensive maintenance to keep it alive over time. Any contained bamboo is going to become root-bound, so nutrients will be a problem. Better to choose a species that thrives in the forest canopy rather than giant timber bamboo, whose dead 50-60 foot tall canes don't decompose readily and will eventually come crashing down on their surroundings.