Tuesday, July 16 marks this year's Candidate Survivor (reserve your free tickets here). The event, which is hosted by the Washington Bus, is a youth focused, cut-throat take on a traditional candidate forum that mixes questions ("Have you ever skinny dipped in Lake Washington?" and "Would you support a $15 citywide minimum wage?") with fun things like a talent round. Audience members vote with their phones to eliminate candidates each round, leaving only one survivor.

But if you reserved your ticket to this year's Candidate Survivor hoping to see Staadecker display his talent of popping a perfect bowl of Redenbacher popcorn, brace yourself for disappointment: Staadecker isn't coming. He's informed the Washington Bus that instead he'll be participating in a forum on homelessness and hunger hosted by the Union Gospel Mission.

Strangely enough, the church wasn't able to give us any details about the forum when we called. The Washington Bus reports that none of the other mayoral candidates they've talked to have been invited to this forum, even though the "invitation" Staadecker forward to the Bus (as proof of the event?) clearly addressed all of the mayoral candidates. Sad but strange!

Sad but stranger is that Staadecker has also emailed the other mayoral candidates asking them to drop out of Candidate Survivor and join him at this homelessness panel no one else has heard of. Weird!

Perhaps Staadecker has no talent. Or perhaps he's simply not interested in appealing to youth voters?