Charlie Staadecker Backs Out of Candidate Survivor in the Shadiest Way Possible


So mysterious. Occam's Razor suggests Mary Martin's communist youth brigade mailed Staadecker the bogus invitation to purify the Survivor of 1%-ers.
This is, you're... this post is a joke, right?

Staadecker is being a chickenshit but let's not kid ourselves - Candidate Survivor is a moronic and condescending mockery of young voters. What we 20-somethings need is an opportunity to grill these candidates hard on affordable housing, transit, and police reform. Instead what we are getting is a talent show. No wonder the Washington Bus is so ineffective and generally ignored by young people.
@3, if Toby would adopt my "shirtless at all times" suggestion I believe even more young people would Get on the Bus.
Staadecker tries, fails, to lure opponents to Red Wedding reenactment
Does this mean the people of Seattle will be denied the opportunity to see Charlie tap dance?
@3, there have been dozens of serious candidate forums held already, plenty of opportunities for you to grill the candidates on serious issues. Let's have fun for a night, huh? Sure, it isn't as sober and serious, and perhaps informative, as gathering with a bunch of ancient PCOs at a district Democrat meeting, but is that necessarily a bad thing?
@5 FTW
Maybe the other candidates don't care about homelessness.
It is pretty much a farce. How are candidates supposed to take youth issues seriously when everything has to be part of some lame joke.?
3 and 10 sound like some real buzzkills.