"I Regret My Religion"


The problem is that there are now going to be a bunch of atheism-leaning Christians calling that number and getting talked out of the abortions they were going to have.

That's me on the billboard
That's me in the streetlamp
Regretting my religion.
I'm betting that the percentage of women who actually regret their abortion is under 2%.
When I lived near this billboard it would cause me fits of rage when I drove by it...daydreaming of how I wanted to deface it. Well played.
too bad the defacement wasn't permanent.

it's better to regret something you have done than something you havent!
That lady doesn't look particularly remorseful. She looks a little smug in fact. Like she's amused about the new message. Very well played.
So she regrets her abortion. That's too bad. Her poor decision-making skills still shouldn't have any impact anybody else's ability to control when and how they have children.
Fuck these people, I hope they can't remove the sticker without destroying the billboard.
@2: You said that irony was the shackles of youth.
Some people do regret their abortions. The existence of these people isn't a threat to anyone else, including those who are satisfied with the choices they've made.
This makes me happy. I think I ranted about torching this thing the last time I drove by; this is so much better.
Though funny, this will only feed their persecution complex.

It is a threat when it's used as political propaganda by anti-abortion groups.
Maybe everyone should call that number to let them know we're all thrilled with our abortions.
It's rather neat how the group's url can be read as "Silent -- no more awareness" as easily as "Silent no more -- awareness"
Fuck religion
@12 -- People who regret their abortions aren't a threat. It's sad that anyone's pro-choice agenda would prevent them from feeling compassion for someone in those circumstances.
@16: The church I grew up in used to encourage women who regretted their abortions that the only way that they'd experience true recovery & freedom from guilt was in working to ban abortion across Canada.

I feel empathy for women who regret their abortion. I feel animosity towards people at the other end of phone lines like this one, using personal grief to restrict other's rights.