"Paul Constant," I can hear some of you saying, "I know you're hosting your one-day Nicolas Cage festival tomorrow, and I wish I could devote some twelve hours of my life on a beautiful summer day to sitting in a theater watching movies, but I have a prior commitment. However, there are one or two movies on that slate that I would really like to watch. Do I have to commit to all the movies to attend Nicolas Cage Match?"

No, of course not! While I'm excited to experience all these movies back-to-back, we want you to get to see as many of these movies as you possibly can. We'll be selling individual tickets to each of the shows at the door (no online sales!) tomorrow at SIFF Cinema Uptown. Here's the schedule:


11:00am - Raising Arizona
12:50pm - Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
3:00pm - Vampire's Kiss
[Dinner break with special guest Now Make Me a Sandwich]
6:00pm - Adaptation
8:00pm - Con Air
10:00pm - The Wicker Man

I can't pick favorites, but as I wrote in the film lead this week, the two movies I'm personally most excited to see on the big screen are the rare-ish Vampire's Kiss and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, which I first saw at the Uptown and which completely surprised me by being a hilarious, well-made movie. If you haven't experienced either of those two movies, you should definitely consider stopping by. I hope this resolves any Nicolas Cage-related angst you may have been experiencing. See you tomorrow.