Ever wonder what it would be like to live through nine months of winter at the South Pole? No surprise, it involves a lot of heavy drinking:

Each winter, the few dozen workers at the South Pole research station spend nine months in total isolation: No airplanes can fly in or out until the base "warms" up to 50 below zero—otherwise the fuel might freeze and kill the engine.

... A bored, trapped, and cold population naturally gave rise to a bar. Club 90 South was a simple, wood-paneled joint with a hole in the wall opening up to the outside, where the bartenders would put the Jagermeister to keep it chilled. Massive pallets of beer, wine, and liquor were flown in with the winter crew, and they prayed it would last until them all nine months. The previous year's team, Broughton said, ran out of wine and beer early.

Call it my womyn's intuityn but something tells me I'd be dead from alcohol poisoning within a week in Antarctica. Chinchin!