The Mixs massive muffuletta (bigger than barstools!).
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  • The Mix's massive muffuletta (bigger than barstools!).

THE MIX • Georgetown: Serving a massive muffuletta, pecan pie made from "Aunt Daisy's 100-year-old recipe," and the "holy trinity" of gumbo, jambalaya, and red beans and rice, the Mix promises authentic Cajun food (the chef is from Shreveport, Louisiana) in a "dark and edgy" Georgetown setting that's better known as a music venue. It's all $10 or less, too (except the massive muffuletta, which is $25 for a whole, $15 for a half, and $8 for a quarter). Seems totally worth a try. [Anybody been?] (6006 12th Ave S, 767-0280,, $)

BABYLON BY BUS • Capitol Hill: According to Nosh Pit, Taylor Cheney used to do the pop-up called Arabesque at Mistral Kitchen, then she spent four months in Cairo and worked at Mamnoon, and now she's making her Middle Eastern food at La Bête on Monday nights. Sounds good! (La Bête, 1802 Bellevue Ave, 329-4047,, $)

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