I don't know about you but I spent the weekend toasting the fact that I don't live in Texas.

If you eschew reading the news on the weekend, just before midnight on Friday, the Texas state legislature finally passed sweepingly restrictive abortion legislation that will close all but five abortion clinics in America's second largest state.

Of course, effectively outlawing abortion won't keep Texas women from having sex, or from getting accidentally pregnant, or from wanting to terminate their pregnancies (for a variety of reasons). What options are left for these women?

As The New York Times reports, all the dangerous ones!

“This law will lead a lot more women to try self-abortion,” said Jackie F., a 24-year-old food server and student who was in the health center last week for a follow-up medical examination after getting a legal abortion.

The woman, who requested that her last name not be used to avoid stigma, was referring to a drug that can induce miscarriages and is openly available in Mexico and covertly at some flea markets in Texas.

In Nuevo Progreso, only yards past the Mexican border, pharmacists respond to requests for a pill to “bring back a woman’s period” by offering the drug, misoprostol, at discount prices: generic at $35 for a box of 28 pills, or the branded Cytotec for $175.

When asked how women should use the pills, some of the pharmacists said they did not know and others recommended wildly different regimes that doctors say could be unsafe.

Back alleys are so passé. As Texas has just proven, there's no better way to punish women for having sex than to force them into risky flea market abortions.