Recent(ish) headlines to peruse if you are female, a gamer, or care about either females or gaming.

Yes, I'm late with this particular story, but 5 Gender Moments from E3 2013 really drives home how hostile the industry is towards women with stories of shockingly sexist behavior at the gaming trade show.

And speaking of hostility: XBox has a new CEO, Julie Larson-Green, who also happens to be a woman. And of course gamer boys are freaking out. Jezebel documented the "sexist shitshow" that followed the announcement of Larson-Green's promotion, and today HuffPo explains why promoting her was a good move.

A recent study shows that female gamers spend and play as much as their male counterparts. O rly? Ladies be gamers? And when they game they act like... GAMERS? This on the tail of another AMAZING DISCOVERY: that 45% of gamers are women.

Which segues nicely into this post on Kotaku: Every Misogynistic Argument You've Ever Heard About Video Games is a great point-by-point refutal of the crap women who game hear all the freaking time. (Even high-profile gamers like Aisha Tyler and Felica Day put up with this shit.) It's totally true you guys: we ladeez only want to play games where you ride unicorns to go shoe-shopping! SIGH.

And yesterday announced a change in their comments policy, saying:

"While most IGN comments are respectful and productive, we've let the abusive comments get to a point where they dominate our discussions. When even just one hostile comment is enough to ruin an entire thread, we've got to take our job as curators of our site more seriously. The best way to create an appetite is to feed it and, by letting these abusive comments live on IGN, we've been encouraging more of the same. It's long past time for that to stop."

While obviously this is great for everyone, women in particular well know the abuse of which IGN speaks. Well done, IGN.