The Star Press—Muncie's daily paper, which is owned by Gannett—published an opinion piece on July 13 that is hard to take seriously. Pastor James C. Johnson saw a "startling photo" of two men kissing on the cover of USA Today—which ran after the Supreme Court declared DOMA unconstitutional—and, after taking some time to reflect, the good pastor came to the conclusion that the world went completely to shit after they started showing fictional married straight couples sleeping the same bed on the teevee.

A huge difference in America today and America 50-years-ago is that sin is now showcased in newspapers and on TV. Remember when “I Love Lucy” was on television and Desi and Lucy couldn’t sleep in the same bed? There was a day when the FCC wouldn’t allow bra commercials on TV. Our society has accepted this gradual shift of public displays of immorality as the way the world is now. Some Christians have stopped taking a loving, Christ-honoring stand against sin, and have started to accept the immoral condition of our society.

And all of those sinful bra commercials and fictional straight married couples king-sized, Satan-approved beds—such immorality!—greased up the ol' slippery slope and now there are men kissing on the front pages of our nation's lousiest newspaper. But Christians share in the blame:

The apathetic Christian is part of our problem. When a family member announces that he is homosexual to his family, many families respond with indignation. They feel that the family name will be ruined, and often the response is to disown the family member. It is not a Christ–like response to have either an “I don’t care” or “get them away from me” attitude. Unequipped Christians pose another problem. Some have come to believe that if you call homosexuality a sin that you are using hate speech and are discriminating against someone’s civil rights. These unequipped Christians have not taken time to study the Bible and, therefore, do not have the tools to stand where Christians should stand on this lightning-rod issue.

Yeah, Pastor Johnson, the problem with you Southern Baptists is that you've all been way too apathetic about homosexuality. How brave of you to speak up and break the silence at last. Maybe you'll inspire other Southern Baptists to raise their voices against homosexuality, bra commercials, and king-size marital beds.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Pastor Johnson goes on to argue that Christians should love their gay kids but throw Leviticus in their faces at every opportunity. Love the sinner, hate the sin, beat the bible:

If you have a loved one who is involved in a homosexual lifestyle, let them know that God loves them and that Christ offers forgiveness and victory over sin.... If you do nothing, you will accomplish nothing. Opening your Bible and showing them the love of God through the Word of God is always better than just explaining what you think about their lifestyle.

This kind of rejection—love you, kiddo, but hate your sexuality because Jesus—harms LGBT children. It contributes to higher rates suicide, substance abuse, and depression among LGBT youth. It kills kids. Here's a deeply sad piece written by a grieving mom who now regrets taking parenting advice from ignorant, hateful shitbags like Pastor Johnson.

The editors of the Star Press should be ashamed of themselves. Politely tell them so:

Executive Editor Lisa Nellessen-Lara:
General Manager Cheryl Lindus:

And Pastor James C. Johnson of Temple Baptist Church should be ashamed of himself. You can politely tell him so via email——or on Twitter: @JamesCJohnson4.