An e-mail just arrived from the King County Health Department announcing that "a sick bat was found on the sand at the Madison Park public beach in Seattle (located at E Madison St and E Howe St) on Monday afternoon, July 15th. The bat was tested and has been found to have rabies."

Poor little guy.

If you or a child touched a bat at the beach this past week, officials continue, you should call the health department hotline at (206) 296-4949. But kids aside, the regular summer denizens of Madison Park Beach—who are gayer than fruit bats playing strip poker—should make sure their gay asses don't all have rabies.

Fun fact if you find a bat: "If the bat is alive, do not let it go! Knock it to the floor with a broom or other object, and cover it with a wastebasket or other container. Scoop it into a secure box with a lid without touching it or wear heavy leather gloves to pick it up and put it in a box."

Who knew?