You may remember when Harvard academic Samantha Power, an up and coming member of the foreign policy establishment, resigned from the Obama campaign after calling Hillary Clinton "a monster" during the 2008 primary. Power had written a powerfully-researched book about genocide that won the Pulitzer Prize. She's been described as a "human rights advocate."

Which makes her performance at a Congressional confirmation hearing yesterday to become Ambassador to the United Nations all the more pathetic. Here's the transcript of the hearing. The part where she slavishly toes the American exceptionalist line is below—edited for brevity:

SEN. RUBIO: OK. Then in 2003 in an article you recommended a historical — quote, “a historical reckoning with crimes committed, sponsored or permitted by the United States,” unquote. Which crimes were you referring to and which decisions taken by the current administration would you recommend for such a reckoning?

MS. POWER: Thank you, Senator, and, again, thank you for giving me occasion to respond to that. I, as an immigrant to this country, think that this country is the greatest country on Earth, as I know do you. I would never apologize for America. America is the light to the world.

SEN. RUBIO: So is — I would categorize the Rwanda situation as a crime, as — the words used — “permitted by the United States.” Which ones did the United States commit or sponsor, that you were referring to?

MS. POWER: Again, sir, I think this is the greatest country on Earth. I — we have nothing to apologize for.

SEN. RUBIO: OK. So you don’t have any in mind, now, that we’ve committed or sponsored?

MS. POWER: I will not apologize for America. I will stand very proudly, if confirmed, behind the U.S. placard.

SEN. RUBIO: No, I understand. But do you believe the United States has committed or sponsored crimes?

MS. POWER: I believe the United States is the greatest country on Earth, I really do. (Chuckles.)

SEN. RUBIO: Well, that’s — so your answer to whether we’ve committed or sponsored crimes is that the United States is the greatest country on Earth.

MS. POWER: The United States is the leader in human rights. It’s the leader in human dignity.