The Heroic Fight, described by Scarecrow thusly:

THE HEROIC FIGHT (1986) is a constant explosion of baffling weirdness, tonal whiplash and inappropriate violence. Hsaio-Lao Lin (aka Peachboy: she was a girl who always played boys in the movies; here she's playing a boy who always plays girls!) the star attraction in a family of special effects techs and stuntmen, led by her father (Cheung-Yan Yuen of the legendary martial arts Yuen Clan). Soon the whole family gets mixed up in a plot by gangsters to kidnap a politician's daughter. Mickey Mouse turns up at a McDonalds during a performance of Madonna's "Material Girl," everything in the family's house is a transforming gadget, and Lin fights off bad guys with a weaponized super-bicycle. It doesn't get any crazier than this.

For any of you doubting the veracity of the above words, here's a two-minute clip, which I really must insist that you watch.

The Heroic Fight screens tomorrow night at Scarecrow Video in the University District at 8 pm, hosted by po-mo cineaste (and occasional Stranger freelancer) Matt Lynch. Full info here.