And sometimes it makes us want to throw up.

Dear Editor,

I am one of the producers of a new TV show called, “The Test”. It will air in the fall and is produced by Stage 29 Productions, the same company that produces the daytime show, “The Doctors.”

We are offering free DNA paternity and Lie Detector tests for people in conflict or disputes, where these free tests may help. I am trying to reach out to the lower income communities of Washington state and when I searched, your site came up and opened at an article you ran Sept. 23rd, 2011.

I was wondering if your website would be interested in helping us reach people in need of such services and if so, am happy to provide more details.

Please call of contact me via email if this is something of interest you and your readers.

XXXXXXXXX [name redacted to protect the guilty]

PS. I have also included a flyer.