Ed Murray Flip-Flops: He supported Mayor McGinn's policy on Whole Foods before he was totally against it.

Peter Steinbreuck Flip-Flops, Too: It's contagious!

Boycotting Russian Vodka: Dan Savage calls for a boycott. Chicago's biggest gay bar dumps Russian vodka. Harvey Fierstein explains why the laws that inspired the boycott are terrible. Stoli tries to say it's not a Russian vodka. But it sure seems Russian.

The DEA Pot Raids: Dominic Holden calls for a calm response to the raids of marijuana cooperatives until we get all the facts.

Good Job! The SeaTac City Council voted unanimously to send a good jobs initiative to the ballot.

"Why I'm Not Voting for Ed Murray" Goldy puts it all out there. You know a post is good when the first comment is simply "Ouch."

Working Hard for the Money: Alleged wage theft victims filed criminal complaints with the Seattle Police Department, Anna Minard says.

In Praise of A Good Samaritan: Cienna Madrid writes about something that doesn't make me want to die, for once.

Congress: NSA = AOK: Congress almost did the right thing this week, but weaker heads prevailed. Here's how Washington's Congressional delegation voted.

The Case for Kshama Sawant: "...I think her very presence on the council would help make other council members more effective..."

Mackle-less Is Macklemore: So that Macklemore video shoot at Dick's was kind of weird, wasn't it?

Filter Frenzy: Why does the wifi in Seattle's highest skyscraper have a sexual orientation filter that blocks sites like Joe. My. God and the It Gets Better Project? Why does the Pike Place Market's wifi list Slog as pornography?

The Adventures of Huckleberry Milf: In a story about Kindle erotica, Anna Minard offered some of our ideas for pornified book titles and asked Slog commenters to play, too. What followed was a thread of great ideas from Pope Peabrain (the title of this item) , merry (Catch 69), MacCrocodile (A Million Little Pieces of Ass), betsio (As I Die Laying), and many more.

I Generally Just Read Off a Dr. Bronner's Bottle Until They Kick Me Out of the Ceremony: Slog has opinions about the perfect piece to read at a wedding.

The Best Correction We've Ever Run: Involves Goodspaceguy and Dominic Holden.

Grand Openings: In a post about great first lines, Cienna Madrid reveals what may be the worst first line of a book that I've ever read: "Here's your first coaching tip: Don't begin reading this book until you've learned how to use it to your advantage." WOW.