Rand Paul Basically Says That Hurricane Sandy Victims Caused NSA Wiretapping


"not letting enough money be left over for national defense."

Seriously with this line? It's 2013 now, not 2003.
The only correct thing he is saying is that we should not subsidize flood/storm insurance for any homes worth more than $1 million within 10 miles of the coastline, and only provide flood/storm insurance for areas in flood plains built on stilts to 500 year storm levels.

But, of course, you guys missed that part.

Frequent massive 100 year storms and hurricanes are now a given. Adapt or die.
Rand Raul has Romney syndrome. It's all about him.
@2 So much like George W. Bush, if you don't listen to what he actually says, but you listen to what people argue he actually means, then Rand Paul makes a lot of sense.
Exactly @4 - I just take his words and translate them into something Adam Smith would say
@2 if you ever wonder why you have no credibility around here, see @2.

Perhaps you confused flood insurance restrictions with fetal personhood?
Layer upon layer of irony. It's Paul is who Snowden idolizes.
Over 50% of the fed budget is present and past military liabilities and this loony claims there isn't enough money for defense? How does the GOP manage to get these immature frat boys elected?
Meanwhile, in real news, the FBI has flown 10 drone flights over the continental US without a warrant, and that's because they say your property does not have air rights, even though it's in the title of your deed.

But, hey.

Live in your artificial dreamland if you wish.
@9: I suppose you want to sue the FAA for letting planes fly through your airspace too, cubby.
Interesting that "libertarians" are always so gung-ho on the most violient, repressive parts of the state.
A stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.
@12: You mean Will or Rand? Or both?

Sitting Secure - What if, what you've come to expect MET your side happily prepared! www.disasterprepared.net
Sitting Secure - What if, what you've come to expect MET your side happily prepared! www.disasterprepared.net
sorry for duplicate posting..software glitch. btw, why should public funds pay for ANY private losses from hurricane damage?
Sure thing, @16. And when the earthquake hits Seattle (as it eventually will), you're on your own. Have fun!