Camera Shy: Police threatened to arrest Dominic Holden for taking their picture. One officer even threatened to come to The Stranger's offices and "bother [Dominic] while [he's] at work." Dominic has since filed a complaint.

Two Strikes: Protesters seeking fair wages for fast food workers were arrested outside McDonald's downtown. Then, dozens of taxis circled City Hall yesterday.

Continue to Boycott Russian Vodka: Dan Savage addresses the rumor that Stoli is a Latvian vodka.

Don't Forget to Mail Your Ballot: Here's why we endorsed Kshama Sawant over Richard Conlin.

Another Reason to Vote for Kshama Sawant: She got arrested this week, for the best reason possible.

Is This Idiotic, Or Is It Just Cowardly? The Seattle City Council decided to leave homeless camps unregulated. This made Anna Minard want to barf.

Glad That's Settled: People who worked for Ed Murray are probably going to vote for Ed Murray.

Cops + Comics = Awesome: Did you read the newest edition of Police Reports Illustrated?

"Where Can I Buy the Perfect Peach?" Cienna Madrid investigates. Or rather, Cienna Madrid asks our commenters, who have some really good suggestions.

"Japan Is the Future of Capitalism" Charles Mudede pulls out his Marxist pipe.

I'm Just Going to Show The Room Two Times a Night, Every Night: Do you have an idea for what to do with the Egyptian Theatre? Submit your proposals now!

Sick of Super-Sausage Fests: Why isn't a Wonder Woman TV series or movie in the works?