On at least two separate occasions, Texas police publicly searched the body cavities of women during routine traffic stops. These stops have been recorded on police car dashboard cameras, and the victims of the searches have filed federal lawsuits in response. I learned about this story from Leslie Salzillo's post on Liberals Unite, which explains the most recent case very clearly:

What amazes me about this story, is not only is this an illegal, sexually-violating police search, but that it happened on a public road, for anyone driving by to see. These two women were pulled over, for allegedly throwing a cigarette out of the car window. They were given full body internal searches.

Gloves were not changed between probes, nor were they changed between women. Under Texas law, this is considered sexual assaults/rape.

I don't understand how anyone could make a case that the police are in the right, here. And I feel horrible for these women, who had absolutely no good options. Had they refused the search, they likely would have been arrested, whereupon authorities would have given them body cavity searches anyway.

But I also want to say that I don't think the public needs to see the videos of these searches. Both the New York Daily News and Liberals Unite posted the dash cam videos—they're on YouTube, nearly a million people have watched them—and I just don't understand the purpose of publishing a video of what appears to be a sexual assault. If the facts of the incidents written in plain English isn't enough to get the horror of what happened across to your readers, you should probably get out of the blogging business. I'm not going to post these videos on Slog; I don't recommend that you watch them. They're terrible and will make you feel bad and adding to the view-counts of the videos feels like exploitation to me.