An Election Happened Last Night: Read all about Steinbrueck's Steinbruecks, Ed Murray's tardiness, and Mike McGinn's surprising sort-of win over here!

Touched by a Politician: Two more women have come forward to accuse San Diego mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment, upping the number of Filner's alleged victims to 13. The LATimes gives us this depressing detail: "Tindley, an Army veteran, said she met Filner at the same event, where she gave a speech about sexual assault in the military."

Catholic Church Continues Its Reign as Cartoonish Villain: A Wisconsin Catholic church is booting out a troop of boy scouts that's been meeting at the church for 20 years because the troop won't discriminate against gay youth.

France and Fast Food: French lawmakers are angry that half of their restaurants now use processed "fast foods" in their dishes without telling customers.

“I don’t want chefs replaced by microwaves,” said Daniel Fasquelle, a lawmaker in the French Assembly who voted recently for a measure that would require restaurants to print “fait maison” — or homemade — on menus next to dishes that were created from scratch.

Redmond Cold Case Cracked: A Redmond teen who's been missing since 1990 has been identified by DNA from a skull fragment found near I-90.

Cleveland House of Horrors Razed: Ariel Castro's house, where he admitted to keeping three women chained and raped them for over a decade, is being completely demolished today and its materials shredded so that it can't be sold as creepy memorabelia.

Obama Finks on Putin Visit: Our president is reportedly mad about Putin's support of Edward Snowden and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, and presumably about the Russian government's decision to persecute gays and lesbians.

Obama, Terrified: "President Barack Obama says the threat of an imminent terrorist attack against Americans is, in his words, 'significant enough that we're taking every precaution,'" reports the NYTimes.

"My mullet was an ethnic hatchet": Sherman Alexie explains the hair of his youth, and growing up in a government built house, while writing an into to the 20th anniversary edition of The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven.

Disney's $190 Million Turd: Walt Disney is expected to lose between $160-$190 million on its Lone Ranger film. Tonto star Johnny Depp blames the media: "I think the reviews were probably written when they heard that Gore and Jerry and I were going to do 'The Lone Ranger,'" Depp said during a media junket, calling the movie "brave." Perhaps Depp never got around to actually watching the film?

Attack of the Human Wasp: A man was doused with wasp repellent after allegedly stabbing another man in the back.