King County Elections released the results of another 23,798 ballots today, and ladies and gentlemen, we have a trend:

CandidateAug 6 DropAug 7 DropAug 8 Drop
Ed Murray30.24%30.47%28.69%
Mike McGinn27.15%29.80%31.95%
Richard Conlin49.16%46.77%44.66%
Kshama Sawant32.97%37.55%39.64%
Mike O'Brien57.37%61.11%62.32%
Albert Shen35.30%32.40%31.99%

When you tally all the ballots together, Ed Murray now leads Mike McGinn 30.00 percent to 28.34 percent, Richard Conlin leads Kshama Sawant 48.09 percent to 34.69 percent, and Mike O'Brien leads Albert Shen 58.69 percent to 34.36 percent. This represents substantial movement from the election night totals (the Aug 6 drop).

I can't estimate how many ballots are remaining until KCE updates the ballot return statistics, but these totals already represent about a 33 percent turnout, so there can't be a lot more ballots left.