This morning, some asshole shot a 67-year-old Metro driver in the infinityth example of how bus drivers have dangerous, often thankless jobs. There was the Metro driver shot and killed several years ago on the Aurora Bridge, an alleged murderer filmed getting on a bus recently, a gun just going off on the back of the bus and injuring a passenger a couple years ago, among so many more awful, awful stories.

Most drivers are paragons of patience while they keep their eyes on the road and keep their backs to the horrors that menace them from the coach. They roll through the night picking up every crazy person who manages to get to a bus stop, in addition to the regular passengers who vent their lateness on faultless drivers and blame drivers for things like creating traffic and snow.

But without these patient souls at the wheel, the cogs of the city would grind to a halt. So they deserve to be appreciated. And already, March 18 is an international Bus Driver Appreciation Day. That's a nice gesture, but it's just one day and I doubt many people do anything special for their bus drivers.

So maybe King County executive Dow Constantine and the King County Council need to proclaim a BUS DRIVER APPRECIATION WEEK, a full seven days to show our gratitude for drivers who take us to work, they take us home, and deal with the criminally insane. (If there's a full week, more people get to show their appreciation and even drivers who are off work on the March 18 get to feel appreciated.)

How can we show bus drivers more love? Giving them a kitten seems sweet but impractical. Hugs could be taken the wrong way. Cash tips might make things even worse. But cards? Extra thank yous? The gift of song? What do you say, Slog—how should King County thank our bus drivers?