Seattle police tweeted news of a drive-by shooting on Rainier Avenue last night around 5:30. Local media mentioned the incident, but nobody noticed that the location in the story is a medical cannabis dispensary.

Seattle Police Department spokesman Mark Jamieson confirmed that the shooting occurred outside Columbia City Holistic Health, located at 5262 Rainier Avenue South. I contacted the dispensary for comment, but like most weed dealers I've ever known, their voicemail is full.

This is one of two medical pot dispensaries within 200 feet of my home, and I walk past CCHH nearly every day, so I'm a bit startled by the random gunshots. Admittedly, shootings seem a regular occurrence in my neighborhood, and dispensaries get robbed in the south end, too. I think gun-toting young men consider south Seattle pot shops fish in a barrel, seeing as there are at least eight such businesses in a three mile stretch of Rainier Avenue from the International District to Columbia City.