Hempfest is this weekend—hurrah!—and, because marijuana and the internet make people really weird, the big chatter is a Twitter-and-YouTube fight between Hempfest director Vivian McPeak and comedian Brett Hamil.

As you may recall, Hamil posted a blistering video in June that criticized McPeak, who opposed the legalization initiative last year even though he runs Hempfest, and the organization as a whole, which decided to stay "neutral" on legalization while Hempfest was overrun with bogus anti-legalization messages. McPeak took umbrage with the video, not surprisingly, and lit into Hamil this month with a debate challenge:

Next the thread plunged into a hotbox of fury, with McPeak accusing Hamil of producing a "a video of lies," and Hamil accusing McPeak of telling "CANCER PATIENTS they would DIE IN PRISON if I-502 passed." (For the record, I don't recall McPeak saying cancer patients would die in prison if I-502 passed.) Since McPeak insisted he wouldn't debate before the event, I asked him by e-mail last week if he wanted to rebut Hamil with a guest post on Slog so he could "speak directly to readers without any filter from us getting in the way." McPeak did not reply. But Hamil has replied, making this new video that argues McPeak had more than a month to debate and calls Hempfest's position on I-502 a "bullshit stunt these double-dealing self-serving weasels pulled on their constituents last year":

Remember, everyone, pot makes you mellow.