I'm busy putting together the literature fall arts guide for the upcoming issue of A&P, but this event seems like it might sell out way in advance, and I wanted to let you know about it before that happens:

On Thursday, September 19th at 1pm, Jonathan Lethem will be making a special lunchtime appearance at the pub underneath Ravenna Third Place Books, in support of his new novel, Dissident Gardens. Tickets are $35, but that includes a copy of the book and lunch from Vios Cafe, which seems like a steal to me. You can either buy tickets to the event in person at Ravenna Third Place or call and reserve a ticket at 206-525-2347.

I have not yet read Dissident Gardens, but everything Lethem writes is worthy of interest. And he's great in person, too—I interviewed him onstage a few years ago and found him to be a funny, intelligent conversationalist. Lethem will presumably be making other stops in town for more traditional readings, but an informal lunchtime discussion—with the possibility of beers—seems like the perfect setting for him. If you're a Lethem fan and you don't buy tickets to this soon, you'll probably be kicking yourself later.