Cairo Is Bloody: More than 500 people died in crackdowns by security forces yesterday. Vice President Mohamed El Baradei has resigned in protest. US Secretary of State John Kerry called it "deplorable." Listen to the stories from journalists on the ground: "I counted 70 bodies and then I stopped when I realised this was less than half," reports BBC's Khaled Ezzelarab from a mosque in Cairo. NPR's Leila Fadel at a field hospital: "The steps were slick with blood as we went from floor to floor." She also pointed out, "You know, the last time there was a state of emergency, it lasted 30 years under Mubarak." The Atlantic has collected photographs here.

Hey, Did You Hear SPD's Passing Out Doritos at Hempfest? This is not a joke. The snacks will have literature on our new pot laws attached to 'em. Commenter Cracker Jack suggests Dominic go out there "with leaflets about appropriate treatment of the public, especially those with cameras. Attach them to packs of doughnuts."

Scary: Snohomish County neighbors say a stray bullet from a nearby gun range shot through their house.

Russell Simmons Apologizes: For "Harriet Tubman Sex Tape."

Man Charged with North Seattle Rape Was Convicted of Another Rape Last Year: He allegedly followed this disabled victim home from her bus stop. His previous victim was a teen runaway. KOMO says according to charging papers, he told police, "I picked the wrong person, I guess, again... I'm telling ya, it would be easier to just go buy prostitutes."

Seattle Teachers Protest Larger Class Sizes: Seventy-five teachers outside Franklin High yesterday complained about the district's proposal to raise the cap on class sizes next year.

Bachelor Actress Dead: After apparent suicide.

Utah Beauty Queen Resigns: After facing charges for throwing homemade bombs around town.