Twisting the knife of Miley's former-child-star rebellion/would-be coming out as a sexual abuse survivor:

"The Parents Television Council....took [MTV] to task for staging performances with skimpy costumes and sexually suggestive dancing during the Video Music Awards on Sunday," reports the NYT. "The Parents Television Council’s complaint about the show, which echoes similar statements it has made in years past, took on greater weight this year because Ms. Cyrus’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, sits on the group’s advisory board."

It's gonna be a fun Thanksgiving at the Cyrus house.

(As for Ms. Cyrus' acting out: It flashed me back to dating in the very late '90s, when I'd occasionally get hit on by someone who may have been cute but was just too robotically horny, in a way that seemed driven by something problematic (trauma, meth).)