I'll See Your Sideboob and Raise You an Inspirational Speech


If shaming were an Olympic sport, that would take the gold! The reference to Tolle, that icon of today's self-delighted, was perfect.
As a gay I can laugh and point at the cupidity of the Straighty McStraightersons, but not for too long--gotta swing by bananaguide dot com real quick before heading out the door.
Yawn. While the idea of "15 hottest whatever" lists, and their consumption, is lame, it's a bit ridiculous to censure people for looking at celebrities who's job is, essentially, to be looked at. If these people didn't *want* to be gawked at, they wouldn't go out in public with their body parts hanging out of their clothes.
What's wrong with me? I didn't even know what a sideboob was until just now...and I've got boobs.
Yeah, sorry, not seeing the awesome in a bit that's basically attempting to shame people for having the temerity to indulge their libidos visually and not be monks.
No fat shaming, homo shaming, or loving boobs shaming, please.
I clicked on it because it was on College Humor and I assumed it would be a funny send-up of the celebrity media circus surrounding the the VMAs, not because there'd be side boobs there. Fail.
That's really fresh coming from collegehumor.com.
@4 The sideboob is generally considered the least titillating part of the tit, so it doesn't get a lot of press (although that skin seems to be more sensitive than the cleavage on most boobs, so it probably deserves more attention).
you know what is really nice to look at? sideboob.

charles, quick! monica bellucci sideboob!
That WAS funny, but now I've got a hankering for some sideboob...
Aaaand Frontboob! (h/t @mseling)
Truth - I would not have clicked on that link absent the comment by PC, so I guess it wasn't aimed at me, but I'm a fan of misdirection so there you go. It IS college humor so I will overlook the excess verbiage and relentless screed.
I clicked on the link and all I saw was a bunch of words words words. I scrolled all the way to the bottom, but no sideboobs! I was promised side boobs! I want sideboobs! Where are the sideboobs?!
@13 Whoa. That pangolin is cool!
Or perhaps I should have said "hawt."
Sideboob is delicious. Nothing remotely shameful about looking. This is ridiculous; even the people who work for the Red Cross don't save humanity 24 hours a day.
For anybody who actually want to look at side boobs...
If I want to be preached at I'll read Ziggy.
For anybody who actually wants to look at side boobs...
Ugh. If that's what you consider "inspirational", I'd hate to see what you think is "tiresome, college-freshman-level drivel".
"Goodsex is any form of sex considered acceptable by the Party; specifically, this refers only to sex for the exclusive purpose of providing new children for the Party. All other forms of sex are considered sexcrime."
Needed more pictures.
Oh, sideboob. I'm never going to give you up. I'm never going to let you down.
The best onsite comment so far:

"I'm not going to say this was impossible to masturbate to. Just difficult."
C'mon folks! The links in the screed were all worthy causes and the writer made sure to flaunt a liberal arts education. Aren't we for these things? Well, not the flaunting and shaming, but the education.
I just love the idea that anything sexual is anathema to making the world a better place. Really. Sex is just a nasty distractions from being a perfect moral being. I think the Heaven's Gate cult had the right idea.
The writer is using their liberal arts education to prank people with sidereal side boob instead of doing any of the things they tried to shame the readers into doing.

That is funny.
Needed some humor.
Self-help books, huh?
@29 Oh, it's supposed to be humor? Let me be disinterested even harder.