This happened...

The cameras caught it all. A handful of young men cautiously enter the store before heading downstairs.

They do a little shopping, calling out to a clerk who never shows up. After doing a little mental math, the guys decide to pay for sunglasses and batteries, even though no one's around to force them.

The white store managers were so impressed with the honesty of the young black men (who by appearance look like middle-class college students), that they want to reward them with gifts...

It's sad that all of this is seen as some kind of freak of nature, when in actual fact it really is the kind of behavior you'd expect from people who are not seriously hard up.

Now let's visit Tel Aviv...

Four south Tel Aviv residents were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of assaulting and robbing African migrants in recent months.

Two police stations in south Tel Aviv had been receiving similar-sounding complaints from African migrants over the past several months, with the migrants saying they had been attacked by a gang of young men.

In some cases the attackers portrayed themselves as policemen, or other law enforcement officials, and demanded to see the victims’ identifying documents. In most of the cases the victims were brutally beaten - in one case a complainant was stabbed – and the victims robbed. The property stolen included bicycles, money, cell phones and other items.

When police realized there was a pattern to the attacks and that the description of the attackers was identical in many of the cases, the investigation was transferred to a special team, set up by the Yiftah District Police, that conducted an undercover investigation.

The four members of the gang were identified and arrested. All were shown the hard evidence against them. Two confessed to the crimes. Two did not.