Pacific Rim Meets the Funny Pages


The Big Guy and Rusty show actually lasted two seasons and it was surprisingly good. The voice cast included voice acting vets like Nancy Cartwright and Pamela Adlon, but there were some notable character actors involved too, like Stephen Root, M. Emmett Walsh and R. Lee Ermey. I thought it was better than the comic, myself, because I agree about the comic's flimsiness, which Miller and Darrow's other collaboration, Hard Boiled, also suffered from.

But I think a better comparison for Reggie 12 isn't Big Guy, but Astro Boy. When I read the hard cover, it struck me as a merger of Astro Boy and Brandon Graham by way of MAD, particularly with the gags and puckishness of the lead.
Just reading Paul's description, I quickly thought of 'Astro Boy', which (of course) was an influence on the Miller/Darrow thing.
Something from "Pacific Rim" has been bothering me: why didn't they (the Jaegers) just hang out at the rift where the monsters were emerging from, and attack them there? Why did they wait for them to surface and attack a city before running out to fight them?