Click to enlarge and see all the great restaurants that are participating!
  • Click to enlarge and see all the great restaurants that are participating!

Full info about all this good stuff is RIGHT OVER HERE, in the Chow Calendar!

• It's Washington Cider Week, in which you may freak out about hard cider at approximately a billion events, tastings, etc. all over the city during a week so special, it lasts 10 days! Cienna Madrid is VERY excited about this, almost frighteningly so. Charles Mudede has also become a nearly rabid hard cider fan. And it's true: Hard cider is good, and we've got more local kinds (and way more nice dry ones) than ever.

• Tonight is the Seventh Annual Strengthening Local Economies Everywhere Dinner! (their exclamation mark), at which you may acquaint yourself with food justice organizations and groups promoting community development, food sovereignty, and food workers' rights, all while eating and drinking and etc.

• Tomorrow morning, you may stuff yourself with Swedish pancakes, lingonberries, and ham at the venerable Swedish Cultural Center's Swedish Pancake Breakfast.

• And especially note this one: This Tuesday is Eat Out for Country Doctor! (My exclamation mark!) Country Doctor Community Health Centers have been treating the uninsured and underinsured of Seattle since 1971—they are great people doing great work. Just eat (or drink!) out at any of the participating restaurants (which includes pretty much every place on Capitol Hill), and a portion of your bill will go toward keeping the downtrodden unsick. (Or, hey, just make a donation.)

Again, details on all this stuff and, as they say, much, much more: RIGHT THIS WAY, in the Chow Calendar!