You Stood Up to Russia: Here are some photos from the protest at Seattle's Russian consular residence.

School's In Forever: Strike avoided, Goldy says. There may even be universal pre-school, if a City Council love-fest is any indication.

A Noticeable Lack of Syria: Dan Savage addresses a reader who notes the lack of Slog commentary on Syria. Then I comment on Syria.

New Column! Everything that happened in City Council this week.

Someone Buying a Nokia Is News? Oh, no, wait. Microsoft bought Nokia. Goldy went and made a table about it.

Meanwhile, in SeaTac: Goldy spent all day Friday covering the court battle over the $15-an-hour minimum wage proposition. Spoiler alert: It's going on the ballot!

Nothingness Feels Like Snakes: Cienna Madrid can't manage to shut her brain up for a single hour.

No Moore: After 30 years, the managing director of Seattle Repertory Theater has stepped down.

"A Search for the Ear Was Fruitless" Callan Berry's latest Police Reports Illustrated is funny and creepy.

A Festival of Festivals: Read our Bumbershoot coverage here, here, and here. Read our PAX coverage here, here, here and here. Oh, and this is the post-PAX shitstorm update, too.

Do You Have an Ugly Tattoo? Our ugly tattoo contest deadline has been extended to Wednesday the 11th!