Syria: Syrians on both sides tell the U.S. what they want. Here's Amy Davidson of The New Yorker, in case you haven't read it, on why Obama's best decision on Syria so far has been going to Congress. The question continues to be in their court. And CNN has a poll that says that most Americans don't want to intervene. Senate is expected to take up the discussion when it reconvenes today. A member of the House intel committee says, "It's dead. Completely dead." Assad warns the United States to "expect everything" in the case of an attack.

Guantanamo Hunger Strike: Here's a graph of those striking, hospitalized, and tube-fed since the military acknowledged the strike. Here are profiles of the 24 prisoners whose health was at risk. Do a search for "has never been charged with a crime," and you find that description in 20 of the 24 profiles.

Senegal's New Prime Minister: A woman, a feminist, and a footballer. Her name is Aminata Touré. Her cabinet still only includes 4 women, 28 men. She is still being called the Iron Lady, like every female politician who isn't Latin American.

Local Veterans Would Like Doctors to Possess the Correct Tools and Support Staff, Please: An internal review yields low ratings for the Puget Sound VA, results are disputed.

What You Do When You're a Daughter of Auschwitz Living in Virginia: Keep your secrets as long as you can.

"Titstare" at Techcrunch: "(T)he audience laughed at the numerous tit-related puns... What message does this send to the men, women and children who attended the event? Like Alexandra, the nine year old girl who presented her own app and was able to win over an audience with behaviour more mature than others? Is it worth explaining to Alexandra that if she continues to study development with a view to employment, she will be absorbed into the 19% of women who work as engineers in the industry and get 49 cents to every dollar a man receives? Perhaps we could show Alexandra the job ads that refer to women as a hiring lure, because apparently they’re not there to work?"

The Supreme Misfit of Feminism and Capitalism: Harvard Business School is trying to be unapologetic about leading the business world in a less sexist direction, which is resulting in full system breakdown, basically.

City Opera Is in Dire Straits: It needs $20 million. If it doesn't raise it, most of this season and all of 2014-2015 will be canceled.

Always Check Your Attic: Van Gogh Museum authenticates "the first full-size canvas by the Dutch master discovered since 1928." It had been, naturally, hiding in an attic.

September 9, 2003: Hey Ya! is 10 years old, folks.

Sacro GRA, Miss Violence, and Stray Dogs: Winners at the Venice Film Festival.

Below is a quick scientific study on the injustice resulting from cohabitation in a spinning wheel—one mouse is reduced to a carpet, demonstrated by Pretzel and Maia. Bonus question: Do mice get dizzy?