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NYC Opera was completely driven into the ground by its general manager. She should be the one to pony up the $20M.
That daughter of Auschwitz is hiding reeeeeally well.

The link for some reason contains the paragraph break, so it doesn't go to the story, just an error page.
"When You're a Daughter of Auschwitz Living in Virginia". The link is broken.
Russia is telling Syria to give up chemical weapons to avoid a strike. Obama knows what he's doing, folks.
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The Harvard article is hilarious. I love the idea of overly entitled zillionaires being forced to take sexual harassment seminars to get the degree everyone expects them to have.
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Just the facts, ma'am

At least Colin "Americal" Powell held up a piece of hardware store pipe and claimed it had something to do with "weapons-of-mass-destruction" --- Drone Master Obama can't even do that, instead he has John Forbes Kerry, scion of the multi-billion dollar Heiz fortune, simply tell us it must be the Assad government?????

Now, while I despise all dictatorial governments, and certainly those of Iran and Syria, a far better argument could be made for going into Saudi Arabia, traditionally, the worst human rights violator in the Middle East, where they routinely lop off people's heads for lunchtime entertainment!

Also, recall that it was "officially" 15 Saudis involved in the hijackings on 9/11/01 (while the other four held forged passports, it was inferred they were Yemenis, but they could have easily been Saudis as well).

So we the sheeple, are once again spewed with this "weapons-of-mass-destruction" without any proof, and the very first time that happened. Gen. Clapper was a member of the Bush-fabricated-WMD-intel team, (the same Gen. Clapper who wrote the report for the Pentagon promoting the privatization of all US intel agencies), and now Gen. Clapper is Obama's Director of National Intelligence --- what a confluence of connecting events, huh?

John Kerry and his wife didn't think Assad was such an onerous dood, when they had dinner and partied hardy with him and his wife back in 2009:…

yet, John Forbes Kerry, scion of the multi-billion dollar Heinz fortune (and the dood who went back to Boston and warned them to avoid any "gay issues" so as not to endanger their electability; that very same dood who once described American jobs offshorers as "Benedict Arnolds" until his advisors warned him such talk might affect his net worth!) is telling us "the truth" without any proof backing him up.

Do we believe what the American-backed Syrian/al Qaeda rebels, who routinely kill Syrian Christian innocents, had nothing to do with that gas attack, and believe what they tell John Forbes Kerry, or do we refuse to act like sheeple?

Yes, Charlie Rose (long-time member of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission:…

) did a controlled interview with Assad, such being the "freedom of the press" in Amerika today, and CNN has managed to point out, at least once, that to date no actual proof has been offered as to who was behind the gas attacks, Americans are simply being shown video, over and over again, of gassed victims (not even knowing whether they were Syrian Christians, Iraqi refugees, or Palestinian refugees, the two latter groups having grown over the past few years in Syria, thanks in part to other illegal actions of the American government)!

To repeat, those Middle Eastern countries which did not originally sign on to the WTO's Financial Services Agreement, allowing the bankers (like the vampires) in, were Iraq, Libya, Iran and Syria (now Iraq and Libya are onboard, 'natch!); one must logically suspect after the any attack on Syria, they too will be onboard.

Another country which still isn't onboard, not having signed that FSA, is Brazil:…
Not another cellphone video in the vertical position.
I thought that Titstare was going to be some semi-innocuous app that was getting an overblown reaction, much like Adria Richards getting two guys fired for telling immature, but not sexist, jokes.

But, no, it's sleazy. It's people uploading pictures of them blatantly staring at a woman's chest, with the most objectifying way possible. It's an icky, icky app that the news has caught on to, and now it's sensationalized rather than shunned.

The dude gesturing jacking off, though...when you have a shitty app and only 60 seconds, you have to make your presentation memorable somehow. He'd probably have been rightfully ignored as just immature if it hadnt been for the Titstare app.
The pdf of the poll says it's a CNN/ORC poll. Did a bunch of orcs do the polling or were only orcs polled?
Congressional approval of an attack on Syria won't make up for the lack of UN approval. Not often that I agree with Putin but he is right about this.
Russia Foreign Minister has offered to take and dismantle Syria's chemical weapons. That's a sensible solution if Russia follows through.…

It further illustrates the point of the New Yorker article: Obama saved his Presidency by going to Congress. If he hadn't created the delay and just acted, the rest of his term would been the do-nothing RNC second-guessing a decision they pressured, cajoled and ignorantly howled for.

Hrm... Silicon Valley women (working or not) average out to 49 cents for each dollar earned by Silicon Valley men (working or not). But if you look over here all male teams were creating 89% of the startups.…

Does Silicon Valley have a lot of stay-at-home wives not earning money ?
And those documents pertaining to NSA and their penetration of confidential data of the Brazilian oil company:…

The board of City Opera doesn't want the company to exist any more, so they're trying to kill it. The latest strategy is to set an impossible goal. "If you can't pick up a million grains of sand with these eyebrow tweezers by sunset, you're dead."
Sorry guys. Jen has the job.