When A Dead Woman Speaks to the Living


How tragic, yet laundering one's dirty air in public at the same time.
I thought "airing one's dirty laundry" referred to publicly releasing information that one would prefer remain private.

Sounds like this young woman freely volunteered and published her story as a cautionary tale.
We live in a society where people feel the need to disclose the mundane aspects of their lives (I'm looking at you Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

Why should we be surprised that people will continue the trend in death?

Having said all that, if this woman's disclosure will help kick one person's ass into recovery, then I'm sure her sould will be credited with a victory. May she rest in a peace that she didn't have in life.
I have a friend who works through AA and I heard there is a person in another city that is addicted to vanilla extract. The addiction is so bad it's caused hospitalization three times.
@2: But think how hard it is for her survivors, friends, and extend family to be thrust into talking about such heartbreak. That's why we remember those who have passed with pleasant and uplifting memories instead of delving into areas not meant for public consumption.
But taking drugs is so cool, all the kids are doing it.
Phoebe, dear, you really do live in a zip-locked Sanforized pretty world, full of sparkles, rainbows, and an eternal valium-laced smile, don't you?
What Dr_Awesome said. And don't forget the pearls... She must always be wearing pearls to clutch them so much.
Phoebe, your statements 1 and 5 miss the mark entirely. Can you not imagine the incredible courage and humility it took for this woman to write her own story? Can you not imagine what it must have been like for Elizabeth to think of others while facing her own death? Can you not imagine what it took for her parents to include it in her obituary? They could easily have left it out of the public's view. No one would be the wiser. Instead, they chose to honor their daughter's unselfish act believing her message might motivate SOMEONE to think long and hard before deciding to take a walk down her path.

This is not a case of 'delving into areas not meant for public consumption' and 'airing one's dirty laundry in public.' This is a cautionary tale her family--those in actual control--chose to reveal. I sincerely doubt they had your words in mind as they decided to honor their daughter's wishes.