Yesterday, business and tech website Business Insider's chief technology officer, Pax Dickinson, seemed to be having a little Twitter meltdown. He'd tweeted some bullshit about TechCrunch's apology over the misogyny displayed by a couple presenters at their recent conference—he said that they now owed another apology for using the word "misogyny" when what really happened was just "low-grade sexism." When approximately 9 zillion people collectively went, "Whoa, dude, are you serious? Do you think you are the ultimate decision-maker in grading levels of sexism," he decided to help everyone out by mansplaining misogyny:

Thanks, bro! You guys—not taking women seriously? NBD! I'm so relieved. So he was just rattling around on the internet for a while being childish and thick-headed and mildly offensive, but then people started looking through his history. And they discovered some really offensive shit about all sorts of people. Like this. And all these. And all of these! I could go on, but my finger's getting tired (ha-ha! That's another Pax-ism). Turns out this wasn't a Twitter meltdown, this was just his actual personality. And as many people have pointed out, this wasn't just some dude being a jerk on the internet, this was someone who is an executive and who makes hiring decisions going very public with how he feels about women, LGBT people, and people of color.

Shock of shocks, this morning, Business Insider announced that he'd been fired, giving anyone who picked "in the next 24 hours" in their "When will Pax Dickinson get fired?" pool an instant win. Poynter chatted with various media organizations about their how-shitty-can-you-be-on-social-media policies, helpfully noting that Business Insider has a clear (and public) social media policy which reads, in part:

"Remember that, at all times, everything you tweet will reflect not just on you but on us—so use your noggin and behave professionally."

P.S. Don't worry. Pax Dickinson's doing just fine, now that he's changed his Twitter bio to "The Worst Person in the World" and is bragging about his Klout score. Happy ending!