From a report, “Striking it Richer: The Evolution of Top Incomes in the United States,” posted on WSJ:

Among the highlights:

–All told, average inflation-adjusted income per family climbed 6% between 2009 and 2012, the first years of the economic recovery. During that period, the top 1% saw their incomes climb 31.4% — or, 95% of the total gain — while the bottom 99% saw growth of 0.4%.

–Last year, the richest 10% received more than half of all income — 50.5%, or the largest share since such record-keeping began in 1917.

This is not just unfair, it's obscene. It's a situation that should inspire in us not so much anger than disgust, the social feeling that we appropriated from our biologically evolved response to rotting flesh, shit, slime—things that are very bad for our bodies. And remember, we have a "liberal" in power. And those with power, those who have benefited the most from his pro-market economic policies, wanted to replace him with a man who had, like them, a disgusting amount of money. The thing to do is, like Socrates at the opening of the Republic, turn to the city. This battleground still has some openings to the future. It's not impossible to believe that the presence of a socialist like Kshama Sawant in City Hall would have a meaningful impact on the life of the city.