Seattle Bike Blog published this information last Thursday while I was on vacation:

Bike commuting is at an all-time high in Seattle and continues to climb, according to Census survey data.

Perhaps a bigger symbolic moment has been reached, however: Driving alone to work is now below 50 percent in the city of Seattle, demonstrating a sea change in the way people in our city choose to get around.

I came to the Bike Blog post via Seattlish, in a post that explains why this information is such a big deal:

Bros, only 5 cities in the whole country have this distinction. New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., and San Francisco have thus far been the only places with a culture and transit system that allows such a diversity of choice. This is MAJOR.

I agree. This is big, important news. Every Seattle politician should be pointing to these numbers as justification for fast-tracking transit projects. We are not a city that wants to travel to work alone in cars. We want to use transit, or bikes, or ride-sharing options. And if we reached that important 50 percent number with our woefully malnourished transit system, it seems pretty clear to me that as transit improves, we'll see fewer and fewer single occupancy cars at rush hour. Can't everybody—even car-advocating ingrates—agree on that as a positive outcome?