On Tuesday, Netanyahu ordered the Israeli delegation to boycott Iranian President Hassan Rowhani's address to the UN General Assembly and put himself in this corner:

"Prime Minister Netanyahu said that despite the charm offensive by the new Iranian president, the policies of the regime toward Israel have not changed.

"Just last week, Rowhani, like Ahmadinejad before him, refused to recognise the Holocaust as an historical fact.

"When Iran's leaders stop denying the Holocaust of the Jewish people, and stop calling for the destruction of the Jewish state and recognise Israel's right to exist, the Israeli delegation will attend their addresses at the General Assembly."

Soon after the speech, the charmer went on CNN and said...

...I can tell you that any crime that happens in history against humanity, including the crime the Nazis committed towards the Jews, as well as non-Jewish people...

The Times of Israel said it like it is (or appears) in the papers:
[Netanyahu] doesn’t want anyone easing the pressure until there’s real change in Tehran’s nuclear program. But it’s a stance that isolating Israel, while Rouhani leads his country in from the cold..
It's not about facts at this point; it's about winning the press, and Rouhani is ahead and Netanyahu is falling behind...
Netanyahu did not immediately comment on Rouhani’s Holocaust remarks, but his loyal Minister of Intelligence, Yuval Steinitz, was reduced to complaining that Rouhani “didn’t condemn those who have denied” the Holocaust.