Soggy, Cold, Rather Miserable: That's the Seattle-area this weekend, with a smattering of floods and power outages.

You Can't Hide: The NSA apparently decided in 2011, "Hey, why not track Americans on Facebook and other social networks? Yeah, let's totally do that." Journalist Glenn Greenwald is hinting that the NSA is also involved in assassinating people.

Wait! It Gets Creepier: An NSA employee spied on nine women for six years without being detected.

Women-Only Transportation: On the rise in India, after a series of high profile gang rapes.

Yoga > People: Low-income tenants of a Ballard housing complex are being driven out by the building's new owners, KING 5 reports.

Chessmaster Senator Ted Cruz: Does not know how to play chess.

Pioneer Square Beating: A man is in the hospital after being attacked by two strangers, police say.

The Arab Spring Goes On: Tunisia is where it all started, folks. Now, the Islamist-led Tunisian government is stepping down.

Paging Hollywood: Former US soldier-snipers were among those arrested in an operation by the DEA targeting an "international hit team" that accepted $700,000 to kill a DEA agent.

"Chicken-Shit Editors" And The Real Raid on Osama Bin Laden: Seymour Hersh is a man who knows what he's talking about.

Sex! Suspense! And shit. Highly entertaining: