Slog tipper Zac asks, "Is this really a thing?" It's a story on Jezebel by Katie J.M. Baker that begins like this:

Homelessness is badass, according to this guided three day "sub-urban adventure" tour of the "gritty underbelly" of Seattle, which can be yours for $2,000.

Here's the website. The "Personal, Guided 3 day - 2 night Real View Tour™" promises to set you up with a disguise, a fake name, and a fake history, and then guide you through the life of a homeless person in Seattle. Here's day one on the itinerary:

The first day we will start at the Public Market and visit some of its homeless gathering spots. We'll walk down to Pioneer Square, via the waterfront, and visit some favored homeless spots, including the Compass Center; a major resource under the viaduct. We'll wander over to the International District via the Courthouse on 3rd and James.

We'll have to check in at our shelter, in the International District, by 7pm so we'll pick up some fruits and vegetables on the way for dinner.

Is this for real? I requested an interview through the site; I'll let you know if I hear back.