We've been in SECB meetings all week, and much of the behavior at City Hall is hunkering down to comb through the budget and start picking what they want to fight over. So here's a mini-edition of what happened at City Hall this week...

Smacking Down an IRL Troll: Y'all remember Sam Bellomio, right? Dominic wrote about him when he first planned to run for city council against Mike O'Brien. (He's now running against Sally Bagshaw.) He did not appreciate what Dominic wrote—and then he really didn't appreciate it a month later, again. If you watch city council meetings—or King County Council hearings, he and his compatriots go there, too—you've seen him yell at the council and call them crooks, tell them to shut up, and then get really pissed that they won't give him more time to speak. His entire platform seems to be that they should hold council meetings in the evenings so more people can attend, and/or that "people are dying in the streets." I've never heard a coherent thought come out of his mouth.

Council President Sally Clark has had a little fun with him, often trying not to laugh at his tirades. Yesterday, she finally banned him from testifying for two weeks after he called Tim Burgess a dick. Start at the 40-minute mark to watch him and his friend Alex Zimmerman testify, after which Clark tells him to take a break:

Zimmerman can still testify, though. Once this September, he walked up to the mic and opened his testimony by singing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President," then said very seriously: "Guys. More dangerous people in the world is an idiot with a big dick. Is exactly what we see here." (He was asked to sit down immediately.)

Moments Like That Are What I Live For: As well as the moment we wrote about in Sources Say this week in which Sally Clark out-Clarked herself.

Meanwhile, in the Mayor's Race: Ed Murray rolled out his vision. Peter Steinbrueck quipped to the P-I's Joel Connelly, "It's about time we heard something about vision." The two campaigns are fighting over civil rights (per PubliCola, part one and part two) and nightlife (from Slog, part one, part two). The Capitol Hill forum last night has a great writeup over at CHS. We've all been too sick/exhausted/hateful/drunk for that shit this week.

I Can Never Post Other People's Tweets Because No One Ever Posts Shit Like This Giant Pile of Baked Goods Except for Jean Godden (and Happy Birthday, Lady):

I do wish she was diving face-first into frosting instead of blowing out a candle, though.