Older GOPers Wonder About This Here Shutdown: Including Dave Reichert. "At a meeting with House Republicans in the Capitol on Tuesday, Representative Dave Reichert of Washington pointedly questioned what the end game is for the party, according to someone who attended and spoke on the condition of anonymity because the session was supposed to be confidential. Mr. Reichert, typically mild-mannered, represents a highly competitive suburban Seattle district."

Another Old Republican Compares Gay Marriage to Incest: Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett.

The Government Shutdown: Stops a long-planned UW research flight to the Arctic.

Woman Who Led High-Speed Chase and Was Killed in D.C.: Had suffered postpartum depression, her mother says. Her one-year-old was in the car, is uninjured.

Seattle Predicted to Get 120,000 More Residents in 20 Years: Downtown real estate booming.

Kenyan Security Forces Stealing in the Mall Killings?: Bloody wallet among items listed.

Atlanta Woman Says She's Siri: Apple neither confirms nor denies Susan Bennett's story.

Bees Are Screwed Again: This time by diesel exhaust.

"Have you no sense of danger at all?": The cross-generational fight between Miley and Sinead continues. Miley on SNL this weekend.

RIP, Mario Montez: Warhol drag star.

Eat Shit, It's Good for You: The idiomatic insult may have to be relegated to history.

Double Eyelid Surgery: And North Korea.

Trying to Bring Back Seattle's Only Indoor Skate Park: Inner Space.

Afghanistan Makes its First World Cup Ever: Cricket.

Seahawks Playing Colts Sunday: They're 4 and 0 and on fire. In other sports news, perhaps you would like to get a bet going about the baseball playoffs. Not a good night for the Pirates last night.

Open letter to Metro:
Dear Metro,
Might I suggest that you discontinue paying people to stop bus-goers from getting on crowded buses at rush hour? Humans are capable of determining for themselves whether anyone else can fit on a bus without the intervention of vest-clad authorities who anyway don't even bother to try to get folks to squeeze together in the bus and actually prevent the smooth functioning of Metro at the busiest time of day. Quit it with the nanny-stating, Metro. Seattleites don't need any more learned helplessness when it comes to coping with plain old real-life conflict. Thanks! Love, Jen