Jon Bon Jovi and Dina Martina are two of our country's leading drag queens. They're performers who have faced unique challenges and prospered. Since 1984, the schlock New Jersey hair rock of Bon Jovi has sold 130 million albums worldwide. You know, "Shot through the heart, you're to blame, you give love a bad name," whether you want to or not. Dina Martina, famous Bryman College sorceress, will be midway through a run of shows at New York's Laurie Beechman Theatre when this column appears in print. Martina has keen insight into the mind and world of Jon Bon Jovi—she met him in Kauai during the shooting of Ivan Reitman's film Six Days, Seven Nights starring Harrison Ford and Anne Heche. (Heche had just gone public with her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres.) More recently, Bon Jovi was a runner-up on RuPaul's Drag Race. I met Martina at the Sephora across from Westlake Center, where she was browsing the eye shadows. She had on huge red sunglasses and some sort of green cap. We spoke briefly about the Bon Jovi show and then went up the street and got a table at Cyber-Dogs.

What's Jon Bon Jovi like? Did you two bond in Kauai over being higher-profile drag queens?

I think Jon Bon Jovi is probably a nice man altogether. Compared to the other nincompoops out there playing music professionally from that era. Those boys from Mötley Crüe don't seem like nice people. The drummer Tommy Lee made sex tapes and wasn't nice to his wife from Baywatch. Oh yes, you could say I bonded with Bon Jovi [laughs]. I was a fan before they were big—my best friend Barbara is from New Jersey where they're from. We called her Babs Jovi.

What were you doing in Kauai?

My second husband, Steve, and I had our honeymoon there.

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Bon Jovi plays the Tacoma Dome tonight.