War! Part I: NATO says it killed at least five civilians who were hunting for birds, including three children, in an Afghanistan airstrike.

War! Part II: Since the 2003 attack on Iraq, which used depleted uranium, rates of birth defects are way up, according to the Center for Constitutional Rights.

"Not Justified": The family of the woman killed by police in a Washington D.C. car chase says deadly force shouldn't have been used.

Fighting For Air: VICE looks at Washington's battle against "King Coal" and says this is where the industry is making a last stand.

Today in Non-Rapey Culture: Lindy West has a list of things to say instead of "that takes balls," while over at the Canada's Media Co-op, there's a handy dating guide for men who self-identify as feminist.

Seattle School Occupiers Out: Activists who occupied the Horace Mann school in the Central District have agreed to leave after the school district promised to rent other spaces to them and allow them to come back next fall when the building reopens.

Ugh, Fox News: "You grew up on Tacos."

Muslim Brotherhood March: Supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi took to the streets again, and again, the Egyptian military fired on them.

If you're like me and didn't entirely get what Bitcoin is, here's a helpful explainer from PBS!