A Crack in the Ice? House Republicans considering a short-term, six-week debt-limit hike, which Obama has previously signaled he might accept.

But Some People Just Can't Wait for That: A tourism-dependent county in Utah is threatening a takeover of some of their national parks and plans to let people in as an act of civil disobedience. "What's happening to us is wrong," says a county commissioner.

Our First Televised Mayoral Debate Was Last Night! A live Slog-along is recorded right here. Cienna doesn't know Dennis Bounds's name. Dom tells Dennis Bounds to go live in a Bob Ross painting. Also discussed: Making eggs to break omelets, the candidates' makeup, and "Mayor McGrin."

Just Another Thursday Morning: Libya's Prime Minister Ali Zeidan was apparently kidnapped from his hotel residence in Tripoli early this morning by 150 gunmen, then freed a few hours later. Then it's just right back to work, huh? It appears so: "Government spokesman Mohammed Kaabar told local news agency, LANA, that Zeidan was on his way back to the office after being 'set free.'"

Western State Hospital Gets More Violent: An independent review of the psychiatric hospital found that violent incidents have risen this year after a five-year decline; they're on track to have 412 patient-on-staff assaults this year in an 827-bed hospital.

A Hard-On for Public Transit: Prosecutors allege that one man repeatedly drove his car up next to a Seattle to Kirkland bus route, made eye contact with a random bus passenger, and fondled himself. One passenger finally took a picture of his license plate.

Alice Munro Wins the Nobel Prize for Literature: The short-story master says it's "splendid" but the prize doesn't change her plans to retire from writing. Paul Constant says he's very happy she won.

Custodian at Local High School Mistaken for Gunman: After having to face down a parking lot full of armed police officers, the Issaquah man says he's so traumatized he hasn't been back to work.

A Hanford Whistleblower Loses His Job: What the fuck. An Oregon senator is pissed.

If You Need Me, I'll Just Be Curled Up Crying in a Corner Trying to Forget This: An Eastern Washington landlord was surprised this week to come across an 11-foot reticulated python abandoned in one of his properties. It weighs 22 pounds and was turned over to WSU vets.