Exciting news: now for private events only.
  • Kelly O
  • "Exciting news": now for private events only.

THE COTERIE ROOM • Belltown: Brian McCracken and Dana Tough (Spur, Tavern Law, and the new Old Sage) took over the space from Restaurant Zoe, betting they could make a go of a fancy Belltown spot after Zoe decamped to Capitol Hill. Now, after just two years, they've made it private events only, calling it "exciting news" (though they're probably actually less than thrilled).

VESSEL • downtown: Vessel was one of the first Seattle craft cocktail spots when it opened in 2006. The location near the 5th Avenue Theatre closed in 2010, and just a year ago, Vessel was reincarnated at Seventh and Olive. Now it's already gone. Owner and ace bartender Jim Romdall says, "Business was fine, but we had a lot of debt that was difficult to pay off. We thought everything was very stable, but then many things happened that were beyond our control that forced us to close down. Sad, but life goes on!"

BAUHAUS and THE CAPITOL CLUB • Capitol Hill...