They Figured Out They Fuckin' Lost: Seattle congressional Representative Jim McDermott had predicted Republicans would "fuckin'" lose the fight to shut down the government, retroactively stop Obamacare, and block paying for debts Congress already approved. McDermott was right. Today's cover of the printed New York Times blares: "REPUBLICANS BACK DOWN, ENDING BUDGET CRISIS."

Republicans Literally Drove People Crazy in the Process: A long-time stenographer in the House of Representatives became a woman possessed last night as Congress finally voted to end the government shutdown, screaming that the House was the devil and had been divided. “This is not one nation under God. It never was," yelled the woman whose job it is to be silent from the rostrum. “Praise be to God, Lord Jesus Christ.”

Pot Rules! The state codified long-discussed rules for legal pot growing and retail selling, but the system will hit the ground crawling:

Not everyone thinks this will be enough stores to combat the black market or meet demand. In fact, LCB members have said the first wave of stores will likely only compete for about a quarter of the black and “gray” or medical market, but they hope to get the new system up and running on this smaller scale and then take it up a notch as it stabilizes and the size of the market is better understood.

Cat Lady Taken to Court: An unemployed Ohio woman who is on the verge of losing her apartment pleaded not guilty to charges of stealing $2.87 from a fountain outside a courthouse. But she also allegedly told authorities: "I'm trying to feed myself and I've got four cats I'm raising and I'm trying to feed them."

Can Ed Murray Handle the Truth? New ad from a pro-Murray-for-mayor PAC uses battered women as props in a smear ad against McGinn, claiming the mayor is responsible for an increase of domestic violence crimes and he eliminated the city's domestic-violence prevention program. Actually, DV funding increased under McGinn and the law became stronger to charge more DV cases. This reflects a larger dishonesty problem with the Murray campaign. As we noted in our endorsement of Mayor McGinn, Murray claimed we're having a "public safety crisis" because crime is spiking across the city, when, in fact, crime is down across the city. Murray insisted earlier this year that he opposed new fines for aggressive panhandling—fines that the human rights commission said violated city standards and may be unconstitutional—but now Murray says he might support that sort of law if elected. Murray also said the mayor didn't create the police commission—and that's just untrue. Murray may be an honest man, but you wouldn't know it by watching his campaign.

The Only Way for Mayor McGinn to Get Positive Press in the Seattle Times: He had to buy it. Today his reelection campaign inserted a 12-page booklet into 56,000 copies of the conservative paper, which has spent four years parading hit pieces and editorials that praise things that have gone right at City Hall without giving McGinn credit. The booklet is just as positive as anti-McGinn activists Lynn Thompson's and Frank Blethen's pieces have been negative—read the booklet here.

Call in Stuart Little! A Puyallup woman who already has lots of problems done gone lost her wedding ring.

The Man Who Would Be Mayor: New York City's Anothony Weiner says it would have been oh-so-different if there wasn't a pesky internet for him to send lewd selfies to.

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