Bad Numbers, Part 1: The polls are still overwhelmingly in Ed Murray's favor.

Bad Numbers, Part 2: Charles Mudede on a poorly chosen Nobel Prize.

More Like Can'tlin, Am I Right? Goldy on Richard Conlin's can't-do agenda.

"A Snake Eating Its Own Asshole" Cienna Madrid reads the Seattle Times and gets upset.

Disunited Front: Goldy says the SECB can go fuck itself on district elections.

New Radio on the Block: Anna Minard shared a beautiful map of low-power radio stations in Seattle.

This School Board Race Is Getting Nasty: Goldy explains. Anna Minard digs a little deeper.

The Hutch-Beck Bromance Gets Serious: David Schmader shares a couple of pertinent videos.

"There goes the Country…" Republican commenters on the shutdown.

Where Should a Seattleite Volunteer? Bethany Jean Clement investigates.

Save Scarecrow! The best damn video store in the world is in trouble. (Turns out, International Independent Video Store Day is today; go give your favorite video store some love.)

"Fly, fledgling faggot, fly!" Dominic Holden's coming-out story.

The Young Man and the Sea: Brendan Kiley takes another look at the 19 year-old who "wrestled a giant Pacific octopus out of the water and into the back of his pickup truck."

October, Octob-ah-r: Goldy's still growing tomatoes.

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