I ♥ E-Mails from the Tea Party Express


You heart emails?? I heart emails! We know how to party.
How are all those grizzled Affordable Care Act-hating Rethuglicans going to react when they realize that Paul Ryan's Medicare-reform plan is the SAME THING (mandate, private insurance, "premium support")?!
They started off well:

"it's obvious the politicians in power today are not going to solve any of America's problems. To change the policies coming out of Washington, we MUST change the people making the decisions in Washington."

After that, though, they got all teabaggy and totally lost me.
Because conservatives did such a great job the last time they ran government (down a rat hole) and economy (down a rat hole) and our military (down a rat hole).
I think this is my favorite part: "Elect six new Tea Party Senators in 2014"

After all the winnable seats the Republicans lost because of their extreme TEA party wing candidates, I thought they'd at least put forward a plan to gerrymander the states before simply electing six more senators.
I thought the teabaggers were "independents" not "republicans?"
They used to go on and on about how many liberals were in their party.

Are they finally admitting the truth to themselves?
@2: They've already ignored it's national Romneycare from the Heritage Foundation, do you really think that will be a problem?

It will be completely different in their minds.

I have a better idea: elect enough grown-ups to the Senate to give the Democrats the 60 seats they need to actually pass legislation in this bizarre world we live in where half-plus-one isn't enough anymore, and enough grown-ups to the House so that the Democrats take over, and in the process humiliate the tea party fucklips enough that they are driven back into whatever dank hole in the ground they came out of, never to return.
@7, except that the flamethrower next time will be aimed squarely at their wrinkled butts.
It is quite easy to obtain residency in the EU. Health care is affordable, food is good and there are NO Tea Baggers
@8 Re: dark holes: Never happen. Right wing nitwits and religious fundamentalists have been around since Og and Ook began using sticks to hunt water buffalo.
If the shoe was on the other foot, Democrats would be taking the same stance - and of course have ("We must elect more and better Democrats").

To think the Tea Party would do otherwise would have been foolish.